Shepherds Cake? Tiny little meatcakes!

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MeatcakeI stumbled up on the Meatcake Gallery ages ago. Yes, that’s right: Meatcake. And why not? It’s such a simple idea. Why was is this the first time I’ve heard of this? Why hadn’t I already thought of this? Meat loaf to meat cake, it’s not really that big of a leap.

These meaty cupcakes were too pretty to ignore. When April Fool’s Day rolled around, I decided it was time to make my own. I didn’t try to trick anyone with them, but it was fun and they were surprisingly moist and delicious. (It was actually the first time I made good meatloaf!) Continue Reading Shepherds Cake? Tiny little meatcakes!…

Daring Bakers take on the Perfect Party Cake

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Baking this cake was my first Daring Bakers challenge*. I’ve been looking forward to this since I joined up. The three and half pages of directions were a little daunting. Then, I read them. After having reread them, I wrote out my own abbreviated instructions. Although, the challenge included the option to play fast and loose with the flavors, I stuck to the lemon and raspberry pairing, just to keep it simple. This cake lived up to its description as “delicate on the tongue [and] sturdy on the tongue.” Continue Reading Daring Bakers take on the Perfect Party Cake…

Chips Ahoy!: Coastal Pet Rescue does microchipping for ten bucks

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microchipping.jpgI didn’t know that there was cheap microchipping until just recently when I volunteered to take pictures for Coastal Pet Rescue to put on their website.  It can cost over a hundred dollars to have your dog chipped by the vet.  At the CPR‘s clinic, it costs ten bucks! Continue Reading Chips Ahoy!: Coastal Pet Rescue does microchipping for ten bucks…

Ethylene, what a gas! : Good fruit gone bad

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bananastand.jpgOnce upon a time, I bought a banana stand. My roommates made fun of me. What kind of fruit had I turned into to purchase a banana holder? What was next? A bacon separator? Well, I didn’t know why at the time, but I knew that bananas in the fruit bowl made all the fruit go bad faster.

Now, I know why. It’s ethylene gas. Continue Reading Ethylene, what a gas! : Good fruit gone bad…

Easy Cream Cheesey Cake Bonbons

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Bakerella is a wonderful baking blog with really pretty pictures.  I saw her cake pops on and couldn’t wait to make my own.  Also, I’d been interested in adding a more vegan recipes into my repertoire, so I made almost vegan cake bonbons.  (I was too lazy, or cheap, to make or find vegan chocolate to cover them.)  These little babies are super easy to make and impress left and right.
Continue Reading Easy Cream Cheesey Cake Bonbons…

Simple as Falling off a Tree: Compost Bins are Easy!

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Oh, Mindy! has moved to Savannah, Georgia, south side. While not in the bosom of downtown hidden between one way streets, Spanish moss still hangs from the trees and the breeze yet carries the scent of magnolia. I have been spending most of my time in the backyard enjoying the out of doors before summer heat makes it unbearable.

There are two trees back there that suggested the best place for a hammock, but first thing’s first. Beneath the trees were three high piles of leaves and a carpet of damp leaves and sticks. What to do with all this yard waste? I chose to put it in the compost bin, but there wasn’t one!
Continue Reading Simple as Falling off a Tree: Compost Bins are Easy!…

Vegan Recipe Mini-Carnival

February 21, 2008 at 9:04 am | Posted in food, other blogs, recipes | 3 Comments
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With all the renewed interest in Vegetarianism and Veganism, I thought I’d get together a little Blog Carnival of Vegan Recipes together.

Raymond writes Save Money – Be A Vegetarian Part Time posted at Money Blue Book. It’s less of a source for recipes than another great reason to go veggie more often.

A very simply recipe for Cumin Black-eyed Peas presented by Suzanne at Adventures in Daily Living.

Lovelyn presents both family favorites Raw Apple Pie Recipe and Spicy Lentil Soup posted at The Art of Balanced Living.

Put a new spin on hummus, forget tahini with Lionel Martinez’s Hazelnut Hummus posted at Lookin At Cookin – The Blog.

Karen Dowell reminds us that food is all around in Edible Plants: Dandelion posted at Wiggly Wigglers.

Susan Daffron presents a recipe for Chocolate Zucchini Bread posted at Vegan Success.

Thanks to everyone who submitted their articles. Although I enjoyed reading them, I don’t think that I will do this again. It’s too much of a hodge-podge list.

Aurora’s Luau Hotdish

February 6, 2008 at 2:54 am | Posted in food, recipes | 4 Comments
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Aurora-Luau-HotdishMy friend, Aurora, is from Minnesota, and she likes hotdish. What in the world is hotdish? It’s pretty simple. It’s usually some kid of meat baked in a cream-of-something soup with noodles and whatever. It’s a casserole. It’s, well, it’s hotdish.

This recipe was made up on the fly to make a sweet and spicy barbeque sauce in which to cook pork, potatoes, carrots and onions. We served it over noodles or mashed potatoes. It came out almost like a stew, and everyone agreed that it was good, really good.

Continue Reading Aurora’s Luau Hotdish…

How to Take Notes when the Internet is your Reference

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I have been using it only for a matter of weeks, but I have really enjoyed Google Notebook. It’s an add-on to your browser and sits at the very bottom of the window, until you conjure it up.

I use it to keep recipes, save interesting articles and keep a scrapbook of other ideas and images to inspire me. You can even collaborate with other people on your notebook, so it’s great for group projects.

Continue Reading How to Take Notes when the Internet is your Reference…

Story of my life: Why no new entries recently

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Old Teddy Bear and Broken ClockOkay, so no new entries the past few days. Even thought I’ve got a couple of new recipes under my belt, I can’t find the usb cord for my camera. This is the part that is the story of my terribly unorganized (or terribly organized, depending on how you look at it) life. I tried making vegan mac and cheese, Aurora cooked up some Luau Hotdish, Ryan Gagnon made his famous chili with plenty of secret ingredients and I made almost vegan, gooey cake bonbons. I’ve got the pictures to prove it. So all of that will be coming up super quick, just as soon as I find that cord, which I was sure I put over there… or maybe over there.  (Please enjoy this old picture of my teddy bear and a clock I tried to “fix.”)

Not a T-Shirt Quilt (pretty close, though)

February 1, 2008 at 4:39 am | Posted in crafts, sewing | 2 Comments
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blueblanketYou know that box of stuff (or, in my case, boxes) that you’re keeping “just in case”. I had a collection of t-shirts with which I didn’t want to part. Then my friend, Megan, brought a bunch more over to help out with my Christmas oven mitt extravaganza. Well, with all the Christmas sewing finished and a move in the near future, I wanted to do something with all these scraps.

Continue Reading Not a T-Shirt Quilt (pretty close, though)…

©ooking: Copyright and Recipes

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mighty boosh oven mitts i madeCan a recipe be copyrighted? Well, not really, no.

U.S. copyright protects works of art, and while we might think a dish is a work of art, it doesn’t cut it in the legal sense. Original literary efforts are protected by copyright, but directions, procedures and lists of ingredients are not. Listing ingredients word for word is legal. Writing directions in your own words is legal. It may not be fair or very cool, but that’s just where the court draws the line. Otherwise, it would open the door to copyright any set of instructions, which would be bogus. Read about here at the U.S. Copyright office and here at greater length at

Margarita Cupcakes: Cuptails for the Everyman

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margharitacupcakes01Do cupcakes remind you of grade school birthdays? Girl scout meetings? Halloween parties with bobbing for apples? Bake sales? What about girls’ night out, weddings and booze? No? Well, perhaps you haven’t been introduced to the cuptail.

Cuptails are cupcakes inspired by cocktails. Over at, you’ll find cupcakes that come in Cosmopolitan, Screwdriver and Apple Martini. Over at Coconut & Lime, Rachel has posted her original recipe for the Cupcake Cuba Libre. Even VeganYumYum made up a Mojito Cupcake.

Here at Oh, Mindy!, I’ve whipped up a batch of Margarita Cuptails. Continue Reading Margarita Cupcakes: Cuptails for the Everyman…

Silicone Baking Cups: Freakin’ Awesome!

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margharitacupcakes06I bought these silicone mini muffin cups ages ago to help organize a packed bento box, Bento Boxed Lunchbut I hadn’t used them for baking until the other day when I made Margarita cupcakes. They were awesome! (I meant the cups, but the cakes were pretty fantastic as well.)
Continue Reading Silicone Baking Cups: Freakin’ Awesome!…

Vote for Vegan Soup, s.v.p.

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Comfort Food CookoffOver at The Garden of Eating, the entries are in for the Comfort Food Cook-Off!  I submitted my recipe for Veggie Strata Bisque, so run on over there and vote for me!

There are thirty different recipes. Some are the classic comfort foods, like porridge, stew and the most beautiful sardines on toast that I’ve ever seen. Some are more out of the ordinary, like savory muffins made with sun-dried tomatoes and cottage cheese and Porcupine Balls.

Quick Tofu Spread

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Tofu broccoli spreadSometimes, I’m just in the mood for something light and snacky, and since I’m all grown up, I can have it for dinner if I want.

I bought some really good tofu recently and turned it into a delicious dip (or spread) for bagels.

Continue Reading Quick Tofu Spread…

Local Tofu in Kansas City

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Kansas Tofu

I don’t normally get excited about tofu, but it was cool to see that Central Soy Foods tofu only comes from afar afield as Lawrence, Kansas (about 40 minutes away from Kansas City, where I live for now). At 3 cents more per ounce than the tofu I normally get (Mori-Nu made near Portland, Oregon), I decided it was worth it. From the moment I cut open the package, I knew I had made the right choice. It was fresh, or at least it seemed fresh. What do I know? All I know is that it was the tastiest tofu I ever was tempted to eat straight out of the package. (Instead, I made a broccoli tofu spread to snack on.) Their website is really pretty, too. Continue Reading Local Tofu in Kansas City…

Paella with Maaren

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paella01I’m moving away soon, and I thought cooking with my friends might be a nice way to see everyone before I left. Last night, I went down two floors to enjoy a delicious paella with my friends, Richard and Maaren.

Maaren made paella for the first time ever, I ate paella for the first time ever, and Richard, well, Richard had had a rough day. (He also suggested the tastiest bean, the butter bean. While it wasn’t the fava bean for which the recipe calls, it was very good.)

Recipe and more this way…

Frugal Fare: Macaroni and Peach

January 18, 2008 at 3:43 am | Posted in food, other blogs, recipes | 1 Comment

macaronipeach07Lorena at Food Revolution has put out a challenge, and I’ve answered the call. Lorena’s challenge, the Frugal Foodie Challenge, is to make a meal for two under $7 using mozzarella as one of the ingredients.

Like a dope, I went to the deli counter at the grocery store and picked up a ball of fresh mozzarella. When I flipped it over to check the price, I realized that it would have to be this and a packet of ramen if I were going to keep under budget.

Recipe and more this way…

Big Faker Delicious Icing

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Chocolate Cake Covered In Candy

I brought this cake to craft night and the ladies (that’s right, no fellas at our craft night just yet) loved it. I got many compliments on the frosting. It is delicious, but it’s frosting in function only. It’s candy.

This cake was made with the left overs from the Cakes in Jars experiment. It’s just chocolate cake drizzled with melted almond bark. The purple is just almond bark that’s had food coloring and a little hot water mixed in. I think it would be fub to do all different colors. Jackson Pollock, thy name is Cake!

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